Nippon Techno-Carbon Co.,Ltd.

Exploring the Infinite Potentials Hidden in Carbon

We wish to create what is truly needed by people and society. We wish to explore the “infinite potentials” of carbon and would like to give form to those potentials in a wide range of fields. These wishes give us inspirations and enable us to enjoy challenges.
We, Nippon Techno-Carbon, will continue to move forward in conformity with our motto of "Quality and Reliability".

Standard yet Advanced, High Performance Products

Carbon Specialties have a variety of characteristics; excellent electrical conductivity, heat resistance, resistance to chemical attack, self lubrication and ease in machinabilty.Carbon Specialties are ancient yet modern, high performance products which support development in every industry field from basic industries such as electrical industry,
mechanical industry and metallurgy to the most advanced areas of semiconductors, aerospace and nuclear industries.

Integrated Production System from Raw Materials to Final Products

Nippon Techno-Carbon has constructed an integrated system for the development, production and sales covering from raw materials to final products by consolidating carbon specialities businesses which have been developed by both NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material Co., Ltd. which is the largest group in coal-chemical industry in the world and Nippon Carbon group which has a proud history as a general manufacturer of carbon products. We will continue to supply reliable products under a thorough quality control.

Contributing to the Industry and the Society

We will continue to support the development of the industry and the society in the background. It is our continued wish to supply high-quality functional products which will meet requirements of the industry by taking advantage of long-accumulated specific technology and know-how as well as the flexible and yet strong management and organization power, and thus to contribute to the life of affluence and the development of the society.


Unique Ideas and Technologies that Maximize the Features of Carbon.

We intend to meet the needs of various industries, ranging from fundamental fields such as electricity, machinery, and metallurgy to leading fields such as semiconductors and aerospace, with thorough control of quality and delivery time.



Becoming a Company that Creates What is Truly Needed for People and Society

The infinite possibilities of carbon support the development of industry and society behind the curtain. We intend to contribute to building a good life and developing society by meeting the needs of industry based on our unique technologies and know-how, and our flexible and solid business organization.