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  • Carbolon (Carbon fiber products)

    (Carbon Fiber Products)

    Carbolon is a material manufactured by felt-processing and cloth-processing raw materials of carbon fibers. Carbolon felt is low in bulk density and excellent in heat resistance. In the Carbolon molded heat-insulation material, the molding prevents scattering of fibers. It is light in weight, stands by itself, and is excellent in heat insulation.


    Heat insulation material for various types of high temperature furnaces

  • CCM (C/C Composites)

    (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cabon Composites or C/C Composites)

    CCM is a carbon material with high strength and high elasticity being reinforced by carbon fibers. Since both the reinforced fibers and the matrix are entirely composed of carbon (graphite), CCM inherits excellent characteristics borne by conventional carbon materials.


    Heat Resistant Structural Materials, Various Types of Components Inside High Temperature Furnaces, Trays, and Others

  • SC carbon (Sliding Material)

    SC carbon
    (Sliding Material)

    SC Carbon is made by impregnating metal into carbon in vacuum to improve mechanical strength and sealing resistance. It is manufactured so that the composite effect of the carbon material with metal will become maximum. It is superior in terms of mechanical strength, sliding characteristics and wear resistance.


    Sliding components such as bearings, seals, guide rings and vanes

  • Nicafilm (Graphite Sheet)

    (Graphite Sheet)

    Nicafilm is a flexible graphite material manufactured from natural graphite through unique processes developed by Nippon Carbon. It is a material having heat resistance and resistance to chemicals as well as being self-lubricating, flexible and having good sealing ability.


    Gaskets and others

  • Carbest (Packing Material)

    (Packing Material)

    Carbest is a composite material having combined characteristics of graphite fibers and PTFE. It is non-asbestos industrial material with good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, sealing ability, wear resistance and heat conductivity.


    Gland packing for plunger pumps, rotary pumps and valves, gaskets and bearings

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