Nippon Techno-Carbon Co.,Ltd.

Product Information

Field of development


The company conducts its research and development activities, which are the source of our company’s growth, mainly through the Development Department and the Technical Service Department of Sendai Plant. The company pursues the “Potentials of Carbon” and strives to create new values through trial and error approach to develop leading -edge materials, to promote design and commercialization of new products, to improve overall manufacturing process technologies and to achieve other purposes.


We intend to meet the diverse needs of our customers in Japan and abroad at a high level, and will continue to aggressively work on activities such as the devotion of our management resources to the field of research and development and the participation in open innovations with the related organizations (customers, Group companies and external research bodies such as universities) taking into consideration medium- to long-term technical trends.

Ultra-High Density Carbon Products (Metaphite)

Our ultra-high-density carbon product (Metaphite), which was created through our research and development, is one of our company’s unique technologies, and an innovative product close to the industrial limit of carbon materials.

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