Nippon Techno-Carbon Co.,Ltd.

Corporate Policy

CSR Policy

We will keep moving forward hand-in-hand with society under this CSR Policy.

  1. 1
    Responsibility of Our Top Management
    Department heads, including the top management, must recognize that the implementation of this policy is their important responsibility, take the lead in complying with it, and familiarize employees within the Group with the policy.
  2. 2
    Provision of Excellent Products and Services
    We seek to improve the satisfaction and trust of our customers and contribute to the development of society by providing high-quality and highly value-added products and services.
  3. 3
    Sound Business Activity
    We will build a trusting relationship with our stakeholders such as customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers, business partners, and the community by complying with the laws and rules and conducting sound and fair corporate activity. In addition, we will maintain a sound relationship with governments or administrative bodies, and will not have any relationship with anti-social force.
  4. 4
    Respect for Human Rights
    We will give top priority to safety, and secure a fair and sound work environment where diverse personalities and values of individuals are respected, and no one is discriminated against. In addition, we will preclude forced labor and child labor, and will respect the basic human rights and the fundamental rights of workers.
  5. 5
    Active Communication
    We will strive to make faithful dialogues with our stakeholders by seeking active communication to strengthen our relationship with them.
  6. 6
    Making Social Contribution as Corporate Citizen
    We will conduct corporate activities considerate of the cultures and customs of each region of Japan and other countries, and will actively engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.
  7. 7
    Environmental Preservation
    We will pay utmost consideration to the environment both as an organization and as individuals in order to prevent harmful consequences from being inflicted on nature or society with the basic recognition that environmental preservation is a universally important task.