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Our company started as Tohoku Kyowa Carbon Co., Ltd., which was established in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, in 1961. Subsequently, our company started producing high-grade carbon material blocks under an integrated system of production from raw material to finished product after the capital participation by the former Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd. (which is presently NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material Co., Ltd.) that supplied pitch cokes and pitches, which are the main raw materials for such products. In January 2003, our company was renamed as Nippon Techno-Carbon Co., Ltd., which is the present name, through integration with the Specialty Carbon Business of Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd. which had understood the market for high-functioning products and had technologies in the designing and processing of finished products and in special treatments. We have been continuously strategically reinforcing our business capabilities by enhancing our production capacity, undergoing reorganization and streamlining of processing subsidiaries, and fostering next-generation human resources.

The carbon materials that our company offers have superior characteristics including electrical conductivity, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and self-lubricity, and can be easily machined. Therefore, carbon materials have evolved, as high functioning materials based on our technology for their applications, to meet wide-ranging and diverse needs of our customers in various fields, including electricity, machinery, metallurgy, glass and other fundamental fields, as well as semiconductors, solar cells, automobiles, aerospace, nuclear and other advanced fields. Under recent business environment, it seems that the progress of AI and IoT technologies and the industrial innovation toward the coming age in fields such as new energy, automobiles, electronics, and information services are accelerating more and more, and the structure of the global market is dynamically changing. However, we at Nippon Techno-Carbon are convinced that we can continue to contribute to further development of industries by flexibly and accurately identifying the needs of the age, exploring the “potentials of carbon” with unconventional ideas and courageous frontier mentality, and continually offering new additional values.

We will maintain favorable communication with our stakeholders, including our customers, will work to further enhance our services, improve quality of our products and strengthen our supply structure, and will take all possible measures to ensure legal compliance and appropriate safety and environment management, and will expand our business in pursuit of continuous grow to become a valuable company for the society.

I would truly appreciate your continued patronage of our products and services.

President Satoshi Yamano