Nippon Techno-Carbon Co.,Ltd.

Corporate Information

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Basic Philosophy
    Nippon Techno-Carbon Group aims to achieve an affluent society by continuously pursuing the world’s best technology and manufacturing capability, and by broadly supporting the growth of industry with our excellent products and services.
  2. Management Philosophy
    (1) We aim at satisfying our customers by providing excellent quality and appropriately priced products and services.
    (2) We aim at achieving the growth and well-being of our employees through sound corporate activities.
    (3) We aim at becoming a company that meets various demands of the community and evolves with society.
  3. Code of Conduct
    (1) We will comply with the laws and rules and will faithfully work on all matters in order to continue to earn trust from society.
    (2) We will set high goals and will accomplish such goals with passions at any cost in the hope for growth of the company and fullness of each employee’s life.
    (3) We respect the diverse personalities and values of our employees, and will seek self-improvement and reform in order to achieve the best result as an organization and as a team.