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Product Information

Ultra-High-Density, High-Strength Carbon Material

Metaphite, which our company has independently developed, is a unique, ultra-high-density carbon product that is fabricated with a single material (mono-component system), in which an aggregate and a binder are integrated to gain self-sinterability. This is an innovative material that achieves a bulk density of 2.0 g/cm3, a long-sought-after goal of the carbon industry.

General Characteristics

Grade Bulk Density
Bending Strength
Compressive Strength
Shore Hardness
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Gas Permeability
MF-307 2.00 98 196 78 7.0 0.005
  • Bulk Density(g/cm3)

    High Density Close to the True Density of Graphite

    Bulk Density
  • Gas Permeability(centidarcy)

    Overwhelming Gas Barrier Property

    Gas Permeability
  • Bending Strength(MPa)

    Claiming Higher Strength than Ordinary Carbon Materials

    Bending Strength
  • Mono-component system(Metaphite)
    Since the entire raw powder of Metaphite shrinks, the degree of its contraction is large.
  • Dual-component system(CIP)
    Although the aggregates clump together due to the surface tension of the binder, shrinkage of the aggregates themselves are negligible..

Fields of Application of Metaphite (Examples)

  • Field of Ultraprecision Machining
  • Field of Optical Systems
  • Field Related to Gas Fluids
Metaphite can be used in high-function-related fields by taking advantage of its features such as a high density, high strength, uniformly dense structure, and much lower gas permeability than other graphite materials.
The fields of its application will be further expanded in the future.
Mechanical Seals
Mechanical Seals

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Production Process Flow

Production Process Flow