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Machining Products

High-Level Design Ability Creates Advanced Technologies.

Our functional designing skills accompanied by our unique idea and excellent technologies, and our highly developed processing and machining technologies enable us to enhance the features of carbon and graphite materials to the fullest extent. We will continue to supply reliable products and services under a through quality control in various areas, including basic industry areas of Telecommunications, machinery, metallurgy and such, and advanced industry areas of semiconductor and, aerospace industry and such.


Carbon Products for Mechanical Components

Carbon Products for Mechanical Components

Our Carbon Products for Mechanical Components are manufactured either by impregnating base materials of carbon and graphite with resins or by filling PTFE resins with graphite. These processes enable addition of corrosive resistance and wear resistance so that these products are widely used as sliding components.

Main Applications

Bearings,vanes,seals,gaskets,rings for compressors, mechanical seals and others

Materials and Conditions for Use

Service Conditions
Composition Sliding in Atmosphere Sliding in a Liquid
Rings for Compressors
High-Temperature Atmosphere
Cryogenic Environment
Dry Gas
Cryogenic Environment
Acidic Atmosphere
Alkaline Solution
Organic Solvent
Nicaseal L-220 L・G
L-229 L・C・G
HC-5E3 C・G・R
HC-6E3 C・G・R
IGS-743E3 G・R
NS-20E SG・R  
NS-30E G・R  
NS-103E C・G・R
EG-5E3 G・R
NS-20 SG    
NS-30 G      
EG-50 G      
EG-50K G・I          
Metaphite MF-307 G    
MF-307R SG    
Nicaflon L-722 Graphite Fiber      
L-725 Glass Fiber  
LS-725 Glass Fiber+MoS2      
LG-725 Glass Fiber+Graphite      
L-730 Graphite      
L-739 Carbon  
L-749 Carbon  
LS-739 Carbon+MoS2  

( optimum material,○ suitable material)

■Composition Symbol
L:Resin Bond/C:Carbon/G:Graphite/SG:Semi-Graphite/R:Resin Impregnation/I:Inorganic compound Impregnation
The Composition of Nicaflon Represents a Filler.
  • <Air Spindle>

    Air spindle
  • <Vertical Turbine Pump>

    Vertical turbine pump
  • <Vacuum Pump>

    Vacuum pump
  • <Horizontal Motor Pump>

    Horizontal motor pump

Features of Nicaseal

  • It can be used oil-free because of its self-lubrication.
  • It has chemical resistance.
  • It has heat resistance.
  • It has thermal shock resistance.
  • It is not subject to melting seizure.
  • It is highly machinable.
Carbon may be worn easily in a completely moisture-free atmosphere, such as vacuum or process gas. For use in such atmosphere, we recommend [Nicaflon].

Features of Metaphite

  • Metaphite is an unparalleled ultra-high-density carbon product manufactured by the unique method of melting and sintering a single raw material which is made by unification of an aggregate and a binder.
For Metaphite, click here.

Nicaflon [Fluorine Resin Products Containing a Special Filler]

Features of Nicaflon

  • It has more corrosion-resistant to strong acids and strong alkalis than carbon.
  • It can be used with halogen substances, which cannot be used for carbon.
  • It can be used oil-free because of its self-lubrication.
  • It can be used in a dry atmosphere such as an ultra-high vacuum environment.
The major difference between Nicaseal and Nicaflon products is that Nicaseal excels in wear resistance, while Nicaflon excels in shatter resistance.

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